RNS Morning Report: Kosher in America; Zoroastrian tourism; Somali Christians

Artwork by Andy Warhol on display at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pa., including ordinary consumer goods such as Brillo pads, right. RNS photo by Menachem Wecker

Need to know: Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Keeping Kosher

Why Andy Warhol’s Brillo pads — and a million other things — are kosher

The mark for kosher certification often turns up in unexpected places — including Andy Warhol's Brillo pads. More from Religion News Service

Cultural Tourism

‘Vacationing’ to reconnect with India’s Zoroastrian culture

Return to Roots, a organization inspired by Birthright Israel, is fostering connections among young Zoroastrians around the world to bolster the once-thriving religious minority centered in northwestern India. More from Religion News Service

Concealed Worship

Christian workers in Somalia worship in secret, fear al-Shabab

Hundreds of Christians in Somalia, mostly foreigners from nearby countries, worship in secret out of fear of Muslim extremists. More from Religion News Service

Connecting Online

Buddhist monk finds a digital road to the Latino world

Social media is helping to fuel Latin America's budding interest in Buddhism. More from Religion News Service

Articles of Faith

What I learned teaching Islamic studies in Texas

It’s not always easy to dismiss others’ fears, even if you are not really the thing they are scared of, writes Simran Jeet Singh. More from Religion News Service

State Internments

China passes law to ‘make Islam more compatible with socialism’ amid outcry over M …

Beijing unveils plans aimed at ‘sinicisation’ of religion within four years, fueling concerns over crackdown on Uighur minority. More from Independent



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